About the Game

In Transit is an intergalactic space shooter, with a strong focus on local cooperative play. Working as a team, you must face off against fierce enemy battle cruisers to survive. The game is being developed using Unity for release on PC and Mobile.

Project Objective

Our objective was to create an intergalactic space shooter using unique controls and mechanics. We love arcade shooters, so we decided to create a game that we would enjoy playing. In Transit is a passion project for our team, and has been created from our love of arcade space shooters.

Scope for the future

Our team aims to have the game ready as soon as possible. Our main focus is completing the PC and mobile version of the game. Depending on the success of In Transit, we may develop additional content and even release a console version.

A Project By Galactic Hounds

In Transit is a wave based Co-Op shooter for PC and mobile. During my time on this project I have created all artwork and animations for the game. The game is currently in the Alpha stages of development.