About the Game

The game was built using Unity’s 2D tools to develop a sprite based user experience. The game was created to illustrate my passion for the video games industry whilst creating a new intellectual property for my final year dissertation.

Project Objective

Taking inspiration from Rayman Legends, Desert Danny is a 2D action platform adventure title. You must venture the planet of Velcore collecting the ancient gems and restore piece to the world.

Scope for the future

The games western theme acts as a starting point, which has the potential to lead into other areas. Danny may be able to travel to other planets and encounter more unique enemies in later editions. The demonstration illustrates the games early development.


Desert Danny was created based on my love for video games. From a young age I’ve enjoyed many traditional platforming games such as Banjo Kazooie and Crash Bandicoot. This passion has lead me towards creating Desert Danny for my dissertation.

A Project By James Redler

My final year project is based around the creation of a video game, intended for distribution to the entertainment and software market. The key purpose is the creation of a new intellectual property within the games industry, that can act as an establishing point of a video game brand, whilst exploring potential theme and genre combinations. The game demonstration is the final result of university studies.


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